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Facial Recognition a Sure Bet for Casino Security [3:00]

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Intelligent Surveillance Solutions for Casinos, Hospitality & Leisure

Ismail I?CI,
System Administrator, Merit Casino Lefko?a:

The gaming industry is growing globally.
How do we elevate customer service to meet international standards
for the Merit Lefko?a Casino?

Hüseyin YETER,
Project Manager, NEC Turkey:

Northern Cyprus is becoming a gaming hub for Europe and Africa,
but it's just transitioning to digital.
Casinos here still have standard entry controls for all customers,
manually checking for known customers by eye.

Chris de SILVA,
Head – Global Face Recognition Solutions, NEC Europe:

Casino have an interesting challenge.
Customers are visiting the casino to have fun.
What you also have is a need by the management to know
the identity of people visiting the premises.
On the one hand, you've got people who have been blacklisted from the casino.
On the other hand, you may have certain types of person that have
asked to be excluded - perhaps they're problem gamblers.
Traditionally, face recognition has focused on some simple scenarios.
Comparing, for example, one image against another image.
Or an image against a database.
Real life challenges are difficult.
NEC has technology that's been developing for over 30 years,
and what we're really good at handling is
poorer quality images and difficult scenarios.

Hüseyin YETER:
Our trademark global face recognition platform harnesses
the incredible resolution of cutting-edge video cameras
and the power of big data.

Chris de SILVA:
Today, NEC's NeoFace® Watch is being used in 46 countries.
We have a wide variety of customers, from
national security agencies, law enforcement, critical infrastructure -
through to leisure industries like hotels, stadiums,
and casinos.

Ismail I?CI:
We are able to, for the first time, screen and track person of interest
in real time.

Hüseyin YETER:
The application takes in real-time video from surveillance cameras,
CCTV or archived video footage.
Data is streamed to multiple user interface devices.
Automated calls then directs appropriate action
from the casino management and staff on the floor.

Chris de SILVA:
Casino is like any other business.
They're looking to improve their revenues;
they're looking to decrease their costs.

Hüseyin YETER:
The Merit Lefko?a Casino has seen
a 30% increase in productivity,
a 2% increase in current measurable income,
a 25% decrease in manpower use,
proof that NEC's facial recognition technology is
applicable across many industries.

Chris de SILVA:
By using face recognition, we can highlight troublemakers,
create a safe environment, reduce risk
and give them a better customer experience.

Orchestrating a brighter world


Merit Lefko?a Casino strives to create a safe gaming environment for its customers, a commitment that requires staff to consistently refuse entry to blacklisted individuals and monitor the premises for suspicious activity.

Based out of Northern Cyprus, the casino integrated NEC's facial recognition solution into its surveillance system to enhance and speed security checks with the broader goal of improving the overall customer experience. The solution enabled security personnel to, for the first time, screen and track persons of interest in real time, no matter what quality of video.

In the process, Merit Lefko?a Casino recorded significant improvements in productivity that ultimately led to a reduction in manpower and an increase in income.

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(May 11, 2018)