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To all our valued stakeholders

May 11, 2020
NEC Corporation

Takashi Niino President and CEO (Representative Director) NEC Corporation

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is rapidly evolving and causing an unprecedented impact around the world. We would like to extend our deepest sympathies to the people and their families who are suffering from this infection, and our heartfelt condolences to those who have lost loved ones.
We would also like to express our utmost gratitude and respect to all the people who are involved in the fight against this infection, in treating and controlling the spread around the world.

Even during this global crisis, the NEC Group is continuing business operations so as to serve our valued customers, partners, stakeholders, and people around the world by working to support the social infrastructure and enabling a more safe and secure environment. All while giving the highest consideration to the safety and health of NEC Group employees and their families.

Since its foundation, NEC as a social value creation company, has always been engaged in activities that promotes the safety and security of people, fairness in society, and economic efficiency. It has always been our belief that the world will be brighter and more enriched when people can maximize their potential by leveraging technologies that deepens mutual understanding, regardless of the age or situation.

We are now in the midst of a crisis brought on by this novel coronavirus COVID-19. Just in a matter of weeks or months, our perspective on things that we had taken for granted have changed, like connecting with people, the value of happiness and wealth, financial and economic outlooks, and behavior patterns.
But beyond this crisis, there will always be new hope.

NEC is determined to contribute to society by addressing the current crisis, while keeping its vision of a brighter future in sight. We are providing solutions that contribute to creating innovation in companies, so that business and education can be continued remotely, or changing work styles using AI, and improving work efficiency with AI chatbots and RPA, and increasing the capability and productivity of employees.
Some of the above solutions are being offered free of charge in Japan. (* Note 1)

In addition to providing a stable and uninterrupted network that is not affected by any environment, the network can be used flexibly, and various data generated by people and "things" linked and integrated with IDs of multiple services that can be used safely even across industry boundaries.

In addition, we have released the results of gene analysis using AI prediction technology that can be used in the design of a vaccine against the new coronavirus. (* Note 2)

What more can we do? We are continuing to ask ourselves this question, while taking immediate action on what we can do now, and doing each one properly.

Together with our customers and stakeholders, we believe that we can overcome this crisis. The experience gained from this will further enhance the value that we provide to our customers, and contribute to society by realizing a more sustainable world where everyone has the chance to reach their full potential, as stated in NEC's purpose.

We sincerely hope that this crisis will be resolved as early as possible.
Most of all, please put your safety and health first.

Takashi Niino
President and CEO (Representative Director)
NEC Corporation