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Corporate Auditing Bureau (internal auditing division)

NEC has established the Corporate Auditing Bureau as an internal auditing division reporting directly to the President of NEC. The Corporate Auditing Bureau performs audits of the NEC Group to ensure legal, appropriate and efficient execution of business activities, and identifies issues and proposes improvements. This Bureau consists of approximately 90 corporate staff members with expertise in internal auditing of the NEC Group, including staffs of NEC Management Partner, Ltd. who devotes themselves to internal auditing of the NEC Group. Regarding the audits of NEC's subsidiaries which have their own internal auditing sections, the Corporate Auditing Bureau performs the audits in cooperation with such internal auditing sections.

The Corporate Auditing Bureau reports the audit results to the Board of Directors. The Corporate Auditing Bureau is also taking steps to strengthen cooperation with the Accounting Auditors by reporting on audit results and exchanging opinions with them regularly. Furthermore, the Corporate Auditing Bureau is taking steps to strengthen corporation with the internal control division. These steps include reporting the audit results to the internal control division and exchanging opinions with them regularly or as necessary, as well as reporting to them on the status of the "Compliance Hotline", a compliance hotline for employees and contractors to report issues concerning possible breaches of corporate ethics, compliance and other similar matters.